Preschool Program

We believe learning is best achieved through fun activities and through role playing/story telling. Your child will go through obstacle courses to challenge their minds, develop their social skills and to develop their coordination. If your athlete is physically and mentally prepared for bigger moves, he/she will be challenged to do so. Athletes always have 2 coaches and only one class runs at a time, allowing for better one on one attention to master skills. Classes run 2 days a week. (Sat and Sun)



Tiny Stars/Rainbow Kids

Tiny Stars/Rainbow Kids-(Preschool Level)
This program is for athletes ages 4 and under. Athletes will move through obstacle courses while learning basic fundamental gymnastic movements. Main goal is to teach your little one to watch, listen and follow directions  all while learning basic moves. If participant is under 3, parent participation required. (Sat and Sun)F

Sept - Jan: Currently unavailable
Feb - June: April-June 2023
July - Aug: Currently unavailable

Ages: 1-4

Levels: Preschool

Duration: 1 hr (2 days a week) Sat and Sun only

Fees: $120 per month plus GST and $110 Reg fee


Beginners (Level 1-6)
This program is for ages 4-12 years. Athletes will learn basic fundamental movements on vault, bars, beam and floor as well as a bit of tumbl trak. They will get familiar with basic shapes and moves that are the foundation of all the skills. They will also be introduced to handstands, cartwheels, Forward rolls and more. It is a 14 Level system. Every Jan and June, athletes will receive a report card allowing parents to see what they have achieved, and are working on. All Skills must be mastered to move to the next Level. There are about 40 or more skills per level to achieve.

Sept - Jan: Starts Sept 2022 and ends Jan 2023
Feb - June: Feb 2023 and ends June 2023
July - Aug: July 2023-Aug 2023

Ages: 5+

Levels: 1-6

Duration: 1.5 hr (2 days a week)

Fees: $190.00 per month plus GST and $110 Reg fee


This program is for the gymnasts who want to do more gymnastics and who like to perform. It is a 10 month commitment program and athletes train from 4-9 hours a week. They will get the opportunity to attend meets throughout the year. (Ages 6+ only)This program runs September until June. Must be recommended or assessed. Call for pricing.

Gymnaestrada Dance/Tumbling Team

This is a 10 month program running Sept-June and is for ages 7-15. Must be very enthusiastic about dancing, love to perform and love being part of a team. You will learn Hip Hop dance moves, dance choreography, and you will have a chance to attend future competitions. You Must Try-Out! Call for Information.

Ages: 7-15