Meet the Coaches

Kim Askin, Head Coach
Kim is a mother of 2. She has a 21 year old daughter and a 16 year old son, who you will see helping out around the gym as well as her husband, Paul. She loves gymnastics and working with all ages and abilities. She carries several certifications which include NCCP Level 3, NCCP Special Olympics, NCCP Level 1 Trampoline, Child Psychology, Early Childhood Education, High Five Training, Respect in Sport, and is a certified Behavioural Interventionist. She has been coaching for almost 13 years and loves every minute of it. She is dedicated to her participants and their families and will provide you with the best customer service and your child with the best care. She loves to see her athletes succeed.

Paul Askin, Co-Coach
Paul is new to the gymnastics world but has always supported his wife in her career and dream of running her own gymnastics club. As soon as she planned to open the gym, it has been his dream to work side by side and eventually as a full time staff member. You will see him helping out wherever he can and co-coaching the Interclub groups. Paul’s certifications include Level 2 NCCP and First Aid. We welcome Paul to the gym. He has been a great asset to the 2011-2012 team and is excited to be coaching future groups.

Jessica Askin
Jessica is 21 years old and loves working with children. She has Level 1 NCCP, Respect in Sport and a Theatre Award. Jessica is also the Hip Hop. She has taught Hip Hop in High School and was a huge asset to her Drama and Hip hop Programs. Even after graduation her teachers call her back to come help out with the theatre program. Jessica is very talented like her mom with an art and music background. She also enjoys magic. She participated in her High School talent show with a couple of friends’ help and won 3rd place for their “Metamorphosis Trick.”

Cole Askin
Cole is 16 years old and loves working with kids. He is a CIT (coach in training) here at Dreams. You will see him helping out with Holiday and Summer Camps as well as Kids Party Nights. Cole is part of the Concert Choir at school and enjoys Hip Hop and Drama. His class/school placed 2nd at their last Dance competition and his choir placed first at their last competition. When not in school or helping at the gym, Cole loves to play video games and watch TV.